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Being the first true night market in Edmonton is so very exciting!

Arrive at Night Market Edmonton and you might get offered a cricket at the door… you do not have to eat it to get in and there isn’t a secret password, but a smile will get you a long way.

What is a night market anyways? Live music, marketplace, food & wine bar…. and that is not even the best part….  

The staff who greet you at the door are thankful you came… because without you they would not have paid employment.  We hire those who need a hand up, not a hand out. Just a few days a year and we have employed over 70 people over 1000 hours of work.  

The musicians on the stage are thankful you came.. because without you they would have one less paying gig and one less audience to share their heart with.  Many new artists play at our night market as their first gig.

The vendors are thankful you came… because without you they could not do what they love and build their business one step at a time…

The random acts of kindness that happen are thankful you came …because without you there would be less hot coffee on cold days, less warm socks to keep the feet warm, less pillows to lay heads on and less community tables bringing awareness to their causes.

Rotary is thankful you came… because without you projects locally and abroad would see less love.  We just received a Paul Harris from Rotary, recognizing our contributions to Rotary International.

There is more than meets the eye when you come to Night Market Edmonton… we are doing good one night market at a time and you can feel it as soon as you arrive at our door.

Night Market Edmonton has something exciting coming! Check our homepage for our next event.

For more information email: nightmarketedmonton@gmail.com.

Send us a “Like” on facebook or a “Tweet” on twitter@nightmarketyeg

Contact: Trina Plamondon,  Head Mermaid

Email: nightmarketedmonton@ gmail.com

Phone: (780) 934-1568



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